POE Ethernet Switch

Video surveillance systems have become increasingly important in Cities as a whole & establishments to conserve and protect assets. POE as a technology is growing & besides PTZ cameras, we also have wireless devices as routers, public address systems and many more. Indusrtial PoE Ethernet switches are widely used in Smart City, Safe City surveillance applications where requirement of Edge switches or Field switches exist.

Our Indusrtial PoE Ethernet switches function like a power station, feeding up to either 36 W (POE switches) or 60 W (PoE+ switches) per POE/PoE+ link to deliver full power for POE devices used in various applications. Indusrtial PoE Ethernet switch solutions boast cybersecurity features, millisecond-fast failover, high EMI/surge protection, and -40 to 75°C operating temperature ranges to withstand harsh environments. All the features of our PoE/PoE+ switches are designed to meet the surveillance requirements for utility, oil & gas, offshore, transportation and smart city applications.

POE Ethernet Switch

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