With the advent of AI, the need to automate processes has become all the more important. The computers used in this industry are thus complying with all the procedures laid out as per standards. For example, the computers used in machines on the shop floor have a stainless steel bezel, thus can be cleaned before & after every shift. Touchscreen PC’s can be operated using gloves etc. The PC’s used for Healthcare environments have certifications like IEC60601-1. In this section, we bring you stories of applications been implemented by a variety of our customers from pharmaceutical companies to Health Care hospitals & clincis.

Automation is everywhere in today’s modern plants. Plant floor automation helps keep costs down and quality up. The pharmaceutical industry which s one of the most important industries, since it deals with health of a living being is no different. Dynalog provides various products for these automation projects in a majority of industries across India. We have supplied Stainless steel Panel PC’s, one of the important requirements on a shop floor in a pharma industry. We also have supplied wireless device servers having serial ports to connect to a plethora of instruments used in various application in the Pharma sector.

Besides pharmaceutical industries, our products are also used in hospitals, pathological laboratories for a variety of application, making life of the operator easy with accurate data in his reports. Feel free to contact our sales team for any automation requirements you have in mind.

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