Fanless Embedded Computer


Embedded PC’s are now being used everywhere. For Industrial edge applications, you need compact rugged PC’s, which withstands tough environmental & physical condition without deteriorating the performance. Our Embedded Industrial Grade Computers feature high-performance processors with low power consumption components capable of functioning with full CPU load while operating in wide temperature range ranging from -25° to 70° for various industrial application. These Embedded computers and Local Processing Unit are widely used in Edge computing applications for GPU computing, Railway computing, Intelligent traffic management, Intelligent Transportation System, HTMS and many more.


With a wide variety of requirements, we can supply embedded Box PCs featuring flexible expansion modules allowing you to add-on industrial-specific I/O functions for your solution needs. Do check with our Sales team if you need any particular certification for embedded PC’s which have now become mandatory in many verticals like Oil & gas (ATEX certification), IEC-61850 (For Power), DNV (For Marine), EN50155 or equ for Transportation applications.

Fanless Embedded Computer

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