Designed specially for Weather and Condition Monitoring

Product Features

  • Measures accurate readings of weather parameters like Air Temperature & Relative Humidity, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Rainfall, Solar Radiation, Air Pressure.
  • Highly accurate & Industrial grade sensors
  • Manual Intervention Avoided
  • Online data transfer to server over Ethernet, Cellular networks
  • Easy Expandability
  • Data Analysis Software available with data logger ( Optional )
  • Flexible signal interface and protocol support

Dynalog’s Automatic Weather Station (AWS) solution typically consist of a weather-proof enclosure containing the Data logger, Rechargeable Battery, Telemetry (optional) & the Meteorological Sensors with an attached solar panel or wind turbine and mounted upon a mast. The specific configuration may vary due to the purpose of the system. The system may report in near real time & or save the data for later recovery.


  • Dynalog Automatic Weather station Datasheet

Ordering info

Available Models

Model No.Model Description
DYNA-AWS-SAutomated Weather Station with RS485 Modbus Serial Output
DYNA-AWS-AAutomated Weather Station with Analog Output
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