TN-5916 Series

EN 50155 16-port NAT router

Product Features

  • Turbo Ring and RSTP/STP for network redundancy
  • Designed for rolling stock backbone networks
  • Dual bypass relay
  • Isolated power input range from 24 to 110 VDC
  • -40 to 75°C operating temperature range
  • Complies with all EN 50155 mandatory test items*

The ToughNet TN-5916, designed for rolling stock backbone networks, is a high performance M12 router with four bypass relay backbone ports. It supports NAT and routing functionality to facilitate the deployment of applications across networks. The TN-5916 router uses M12 and other circular connectors to ensure tight, robust connections that guarantee reliability against environmental disturbances, such as vibration and shock. The TN-5916 router provides a wide power input range of 24 to 110 VDC. The TN-5916 operates in an extended operating temperature range of -40 to 75°C and is compliant with EN 50155/50121-4 requirements, making the router suitable for a variety of industrial applications.


  • TN-5916

Ordering info

Available Models

Model No.Model Description
TN-5916-WV-TNAT router with 16 10/100BaseT(X) ports, and 4 of 10/100BaseT(X) ports with bypass relay function, dual redundant power inputs (24 - 110 VDC), -40 to 75°C operating temperature
TN-5916-WV-CT-TNAT router with 16 10/100BaseT(X) M12 ports and 4 of 10/100BaseT(X) ports with bypass relay function, dual power inputs ( 24 to 110 VDC), -40 to 75°C operating temperature, conformal coating model
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