MiiNePort E2-SDK

MiiNePort E2 software development kit

Product Features

  • Various serial-to-Ethernet sample codes
  • Mass production tool for easy firmware upload
  • Support Real COM mode operation functions
  • Eclipse-based integrated software development tool
  • Source level debugger

MiiNePort E2-SDK is a powerful and versatile software suite for proprietary firmware development on the MiiNePort E2. To expedite time-to-market, the MiiNePort E2-SDK provides comprehensive tools for development, testing, and mass-production.


  • MiiNePort E2-SDK Datasheet


  • MiiNePort E1/E2-SDK User’s Manual
  • MiiNePort E2-SDK Quick Installation Guide
  • MiiNePort-IDE Getting Started Guide

Ordering info

Available Models

Model No.Model Description
MiiNePort E2-SDK Software development kit for the MiiNePort E2 Series, MiiNePort E2 module included Note: For a list of applicable modules available for order, please refer to the MiiNePort E2 datasheet.
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