KVM Products

KVM Stands for Keyboard, Video & Mouse. To extend the distance of these devices from the computer, one needs KVM products like extenders, switch etc. The permissible distance between computer and KVM switch or between KVM switch and workstation, there are KVM extenders that transmit the keyboard and mouse signals without interference and the video signals without too much loss of quality over greater distances than would be possible without amplification. KVM's are used in various applications like control room displays in Industrial automation, medical applications, video wall applications in Smart City and Safe City projects, Airport and Railway control rooms, etc.

  • Smart Easy Dual

    Full HD – KVM Extender Over IP, Dual channel

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  • Smart Easy

    Full HD – KVM Extender Over IP

    SKU: Smart Easy Category:
  • EVBMU-M2010

    4K UHD [HDMI+USB 2.0+RS232+IR] Extender over Cat.5e with Independent Audio Extension, without PoH

    SKU: IAG-3021 Category:
  • EVBPU-M2010

    4K UHD [ DisplayPort + USB2.0 + IR + Audio ] HDBaseT Extender over Cat.5e, without PoH

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  • KNVM-08A2

    8 Port 4K HDMI KVM Switch with Mouse Control and Broadcast Mode

    SKU: IAG-3003 Category:
  • KNVM-08A1

    8 Port 4K HDMI KVM Switch with Mouse Control

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