MGate 5109 Series

1-port Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP-to-DNP3 serial/TCP/UDP gateways

Product Features

  • Supports Modbus master/slave and DNP3 master/outstation
  • Built-in Ethernet cascading for easy wiring
  • Redundant dual DC power inputs and relay output
  • Security features based on IEC-62443
  • Up to 31 Modbus serial slaves or DNP3 serial outstations
  • DNP3 master mode supports up to 26600 points
  • Up to 32 Modbus TCP slaves or DNP3 TCP/UDP outstations
  • -40 to 75°C wide operating temperature models available
  • Embedded Modbus and DNP3 serial traffic monitor Moxa protocol converter gateway
  • Supports DNP 3.0 subset level 2
  • microSD card for configuration backup and system log
  • Serial port with 2 kV built-in isolation protection

The MGate 5109 is an industrial Ethernet gateway for Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP and DNP3 serial/TCP/UDP protocol conversion. All models are protected with a rugged metallic casing, are DIN-rail mountable, and offer built-in serial isolation. The MGate 5109, Modbus to DNP3 Converter supports transparent mode for easily integrating Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU/ASCII networks or DNP3 TCP/UDP to DNP3 serial networks.The MGate 5109 series Modbus to DNP3 Converter gateways support Modbus and DNP3 Protocol Traffic Monitor for easy troubleshooting, especially during the installation stage. Communication issues could be caused by incorrect software parameters, such as slave ID and register address, 5109 also support agent mode to exchange data between Modbus and DNP3 networks or to act as a data concentrator for multiple Modbus slaves or multiple DNP3 outstations. The rugged design is suitable for industrial applications such as power, oil & gas, and water and wastewater.


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  • MGate 5109

Ordering info

Available Models

Model No.Model Description
MGate 5109 1-port Modbus-to-DNP3 gateway, 0 to 60°C operating temperature
MGate 5109-T 1-port Modbus-to-DNP3 gateway, -40 to 75°C operating temperature

Optional Accessories

Model No.Model Description
DR-4524 45W/2A DIN-rail 24 VDC power supply with universal 85 to 264 VAC or 120-370 VDC input, -10 to 50°C operating temperature
DR-75-24 75W/3.2A DIN-rail 24 VDC power supply with universal 85 to 264 VAC or 120-370 VDC input, -10 to 60°C operating temperature
DR-120-24 120W/5A DIN-rail 24 VDC power supply with universal 88 to 132 VAC or 176 to 264 VAC input by switch, or 248-370 VDC , -10 to 60°C operating temperature
Mini DB9F-to-TB DB9 Female to Terminal Block connector
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