4-ch Counter/Frequency Module

Product Features

  • Programmable Digital Noise Filter: 1~65000μ sec.
  • Input Frequency: Frequency Mode: 0.3~1000 Hz Counter Mode: 5000 Hz max.
  • Minimum Pulse Width: 500μ sec. (Frequency Mode), 100μ sec. (Counter Mode)
  • Function Mode: Counter (Up/Down, Bi-direction) Frequency
  • Isolated Voltage: 1000 VRMS

With ADAM-5080 4-Channel Counter/Frequency Module, users can select either counter or frequency mode for data input. ADAM-5080 offers users flexible and versatile applications such as counter, frequency, alarm setting, Up / Down or Bi-direction Functions.


  • Datasheet for ADAM-5080

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Available Models

Model No.Model Description
ADAM-50804-ch Counter/Frequency Module
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