Industrial RS-422/485 converters/repeaters with 2 kV isolation

Product Features

  • Boosts serial signal to extend transmission distance
  • Wall mounting or DIN-rail mounting
  • Terminal block for easy wiring
  • Power input from terminal block
  • DIP switch setting for built-in terminator (120 ohm)
  • Boosts RS-422 or RS-485 signal, or converts RS-422 to RS-485
  • 2 kV isolation protection

Product Description

The  TCC-120I are RS485 repeater with isolation designed to extend RS-422/485 transmission distance. Both products have a superior industrial-grade design that includes DIN-rail mounting, terminal block wiring, and external terminal block for power. In addition, the TCC-120I supports optical isolation for system protection. The TCC-120 and TCC-120I are ideal RS-422/485 converters/repeaters for critical industrial environments.


  • Datasheet for TCC-120I

Ordering info

Available Models

Model No.Model Description
TCC-120IIndustrial RS-422/485 converters/repeaters with 2 kV isolation
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