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Mobile Autonomous Launcher Control System


  • The Launcher Control System (LCS) is designed to operate the launcher fitted on a TATRA 12 X 12 vehicle.
  • The Launcher Control System is a compact PCI based system with Intel Pentium processor running on QNX 6.x operating system.
  • The field inputs (sensor, limit switches etc.) and outputs (proportional and solenoid valves) are connected to the signal conditioning cards designed to meet the specific requirements of field inputs/ Outputs.
  • cPCI architecture based COTS controller.
  • Application based on Real-Time-Operating System QNX Neutrino Supports over 100 isolated I/Os, redundant Communication links with Modular and Field replaceable modules
  • -40°C to +55°C Operational
  • Environmental specifications as per JSS 55555
  • EMI/EMC as per MIL-STD-461C

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