NE-4100-ST Series

Starter Kits for NE-4100T, NE-4110S/A, NE-4120S/A

The MOXA NE-4100 Series embedded serial to ethernet module also known as Network Enablers come in 3 types: drop-in type (NE-4100T), RJ45 type (NE-4110S/A), and pin-header type (NE-4120S/A). MOXA provides a Starter Kit for each NE-4100 series module. Each Starter Kit contains an evaluation board that can be used to evaluate the modules and develop applications.


  • NE-4100-ST Series ds

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Available Models

Model No.Model Description
NE-4100-ST Starter Kit for NE-4100T, NE-4100T-P
NE-4110-ST Starter Kit for NE-4110S, NE-4110A, NE-4110S-P, NE-4110A-P
NE-4120-ST Starter Kit for NE-4120S, NE-4120A, NE-4120S-P, NE-4120A-P
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