MD-219 Series

MD-219 Series

19-inch display: 5:4 aspect ratio, 1280 x 1024 resolution

The MD-219 series of marine display monitor comes with full range dimming, wide viewing angles and optional optical bonding. These displays are built

with a small-profile modular design that allows easier integration into industrial marine systems, reducing deployment costs and overall time-to-market.

The innovative and user-friendly SavvyTouch display controls offer several unique features not found on any other marine display console: a proximity sensor for convenient adjustments in dark conditions, an info button for immediate updates on power status, and a quick-switch to adjust between day, dusk, and night-time ECDIS modes (for color-calibrated ECDIS models only).

The MD-219 Series displays are compliant with IEC 60945, DNV, ABS, and IACS E10, making them suitable for maritime applications. Their IP54-rated (IP66-rated model available by request) enclosure provides additional protection against dust and moisture above and beyond the limits established by these international standards bodies.

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MD-219 Datasheet
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MD-200 Series Hardware User's Manual
MD-200 Series Quick Installation Guide
Serial Communication Control Interface User’s Manual
  • Features
  • Ordering info
  • Video
  • Built-in RS-232/422/485 interfaces
  • Dual power supplies (AC & DC)
  • IP54-rated front panel (IP66 available by request)
  • Optical bonding available on request
  • 19-inch display, 5:4 aspect ratio
  • Sunlight readable 1000-nit LED backlight
  • Color calibrated for ECDIS compliant
  • Full range dimming, 0 to 100%
  • SavvyTouch™ display controls
Available Models
Model No. Description
MD-219Z-HB 19-inch sunlight readable display, 5:4 aspect ratio (1280x1024), glove-friendly multi-touch, LED backlight, DVI-D/VGA, RS-232 and RS-422/485 serial ports, AC/DC dual power, tape bonding
MD-219X 19-inch, 5:4 aspect ratio display (1280x1024), LED backlight, DVI-D/VGA, RS-232 & RS-422/485 serial ports, AC/DC dual power, tape bonding
MD-219Z 19-inch, 5:4 aspect ratio display (1280x1024), projected capacitive multi-touch, LED backlight, DVI-D/VGA, RS-232 & RS-422/485 serial ports, AC/DC dual power, tape bonding
Optional Accessories
Model No. Description
MPC-MD-2-19-VESAMTK VESA mounting kit, MPC-2190/MD-219
MPC-MD-2-19-DMTK w/ hinge Desktop mounting kit w/ hinge, MPC-2190/MD-219
MPC-MD-2-19-DMTK w/o hinge Desktop mounting kit w/o hinge, MPC-2190/MD-219
MPC-MD-2-19-PMTK MPC-2190/MD-219 Panel Mounting Kit
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