8-port RS-232 Universal PCI serial board

The CP-168U is a smart, 8-port universal PCI Serial Card designed for POS and ATM applications. It is a top choice of industrial automation engineers and system integrators, and supports many different operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and even Unix. In addition, each of the board’s 8 RS-232 serial ports supports a super fast 921.6 kbps baudrate. The CP-168U provides full modem control signals to ensure compatibility with a wide range of serial peripherals, and works with both 3.3V and 5V PCI buses, allowing the board to be installed in virtually any available PC server.

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CP-168U Datasheet
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Universal PCI Smart Serial Board Quick Installation Guide
Universal PCI User’s Manual
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Creating WinXP Embedded system images with MOXA multiport serial boards


  • Choose from a wide range of connection cables and boxes
  • Compatible with 3.3/5V PCI and PCI-X
  • Drivers provided for a broad selection of operating systems, including the latest Windows and Linux
  • 15 kV ESD protection on the board
  • Wide temperature model available for -40 to 85°C environments
  • Over 700 kbps data throughput for top performance
  • 921.6 kbps maximum baudrate for super fast data transmission
  • 128-byte FIFO and on-chip H/W, S/W flow control

Ordering info

Available Models
Model No. Description
CP-168U 8-port RS-232 Universal PCI serial board, 0 to 55°C operating temperature
CP-168U-T 8-port RS-232 Universal PCI serial board, -40 to 85°C operating temperature
Optional Accessories
Model No. Description
CBL-M62M25x8-100 (OPT8C) DB62(M) to 8 x DB25(M) Cable
CBL-M62M9x8-100 (OPT8D) DB62(M) to 8 x DB9(M) Cable
OPT8-M9 DB62(M) to 8 x DB9(M) Connection Box
OPT8-RJ45 DB62(M) to 8 x RJ45 (8-pin) Connection Box
OPT8S DB62(M) to 8 x DB25(F) Connection Box w/ Surge Protection
OPT8B DB62(M) to 8 x DB25(M) Connection Box

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