12-ch Isolated Universal Input/Output Modbus TCP Module

Product Features

  • Sampling Rate: 10 samples/sec.
  • Isolation Voltage: 2,000 VDC
  • 6 differential channels
  • 16-bit effective resolution

ADAM-6000 Ethernet-based data acquisition and control modules provide I/O, data acquisitions, and networking in one module to build a costeffective, distributed monitoring and control solution for a wide variety of applications. Through standard Ethernet networking, ADAM-6000 retrieves I/O values from sensors, and can publish them as a real-time I/O values to networking nodes via LAN, Intranet, or Internet. With Ethernetenabled technology, ADAM-6000 series modules build up a cost-effective DA&C system for Building Automation, Environmental Monitoring, Facility Management and eManufacturing applications.


  • Datasheet for ADAM-6024

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ADAM-602412-ch Isolated Universal Input/Output Modbus TCP Module
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