Computer-based automation in the pharmaceutical industry is widely implemented in R & D, production, packaging, labeling, and warehousing.
Smart City
With everything becoming smart, we have cities too that are getting smarter, helping the inhabitants with automation,
Modern manufacturing is becoming even more efficient and productive thanks to the power of secure, reliable, and integrated industrial Ethernet networks.
Highly reliable onboard, trackside, and station-based train systems work together to make sure that trains will run on time while maximizing safety and capacity.
We are making the world’s power grid more intelligent from end-to-end to distribute energy safely and efficiently in an increasingly energy-conscious world.
Oil & Gas
Critical oil and gas assets need the highest level of security, performance, and reliability from components operating in demanding conditions.
We deliver the combination of high performance, reliability, and display quality that shipboard systems need in order to meet the rigors of marine operations.

Industrial IoT

We help you enable IIoT connectivity for operational efficiency and
maximum business profits.

Case Studies

Easy and Secure Remote Access for Improved Machinery Services
Incorporating remote maintenance service in its business model, a power-press machine manufacturer adopted Moxa’s MRC remote access solutions to help customers minimize machine downtime.
High-Bandwidth Network Solutions Support Multiple Onboard Systems
A railway operator in Ukraine used Moxa's Ethernet solution to develop an onboard network backbone and wireless solution to establish onboard Wi-Fi access.
Remote I/O Facilitates Effective Condition Monitoring on Trains
A train operator based in Germany chose Moxa's remote I/O solution to monitor its onboard HVAC and lighting control systems.