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Minimize the Security Risks of Your Connected Systems

The increasing demands on data accessibility from field sites raises security concerns for your field devices, systems, and even data. To ensure data integrity and avoid unwanted access that could jeopardize your applications, enhanced connectivity security is imperative. Moxa offers a variety of connectivity and networking solutions to fulfill your different application requirements. If you need to collect serial or Ethernet data, develop security tunnels, or segment networks for your control systems, we have a suitable solution to ensure you can increase security on all aspects of your connectivity solution.

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Your Connectivity Security Needs

Moxa’s Security-hardened Solutions

Aviod entire network failure

A solution that helps avoid entire network failure when a single product falls victim to a cyberattack or human error, such as incorrect commands.

Our Solutions

Deploy EDR-810 Series secure routers and firewalls to segment networks and avoid disruption to the entire network in the event of a security breach.

Protect your data and networks

A solution that protects your data and networks from unwanted access during data transmission.

Our Solutions

Moxa’s E Series managed switches are designed to protect your network from unauthorized access.

Send data Securely

A solution that can securely send serial data across Ethernet networks.

Our Solutions

Moxa’s NPort 6000 Series terminal servers are the ideal choice to protect your serial data on networks.

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EDR-810 Series Secure Routers and Firewalls

  • Segmentation Protection: Divide your network into cells and zones by using a transparent firewall
  • Transmission Protection: Support VPN to create encryption tunnels for your data transmissions

E Series Managed Ethernet Switches

  • Network Access Control: Determine which devices are permitted to access the network through security features embedded in our Ethernet switches
  • Network Segmentation: Use VLAN to create virtual LANs to control communications
  • Transmission Protection: Encrypted communication between networking devices and network administrators via HTTPS and SSH

NPort 6000 Series Secure Terminal Servers

  • Data Protection: Encrypt your serial data when sending it across Ethernet networks
  • Device Protection: Support user authentication and public-key certificates to avoid unwanted access to terminal servers