Why Dynalog old

Over the thirty years of our experience we have built expertise to

Provide turnkey automation solutions.Specifically, what makes us different are the following four factors

Design and R&D expertise

We start from your need. We understand your automation goals and design optimal automation solutions for your needs. We have worked on many complex projects and created new solutions through our design and R&D expertise.

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Strong Sourcing Partnership

Designing an effective solution is one thing and getting it converted to reality is another. One of the issues in the process is finding and sourcing rare or critical components. Over the years we have established partnerships with many world-known brands in this area and know how to get all the components that you may need for timely completion of your project.

Commissioning Expertise

We realize that to effectively deliver solution one has to have trained project management resources with varied skills. So whether it be expertise in installation, commissioning, or foreseeing issues with getting things to work! We have developed the expertise to handle the field issues that may otherwise derail a good design or project.

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Strong Support Network / Infrastructure

Our relationship with our clients does not end with the automation solutions being up and running. We partner with them to ensure that it continues to provide the value on an on-going basis. To do this we have a wide support network and we also stock many components to ensure that your operations are running productively.

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