Realize Security Visualization For Your Large-Scale Networks


Factory Automation






A manufacturer of automotive parts in the U.S.A. wanted to digitalize their production processes. However, the industrial control networks were built a long time ago and expanded overtime to meet increased production capacity requirements. It became a challenge for the company to effectively manage all of the devices.

System Requirements

The field devices run on the EtherNet/IP protocol for control unification and data acquisition. As this plant required a large-scale network infrastructure, it was very difficult for the plant manager to monitor all devices and visualize the network topologies. In addition, in order to achieve digitization, the networks had to be interconnected from the field site all the way to the ERP and even to the cloud. It is essential to have good cybersecurity measures in place to allow this transformation to occur, and importantly, without compromising production efficiency.

Moxa Solution

For this case, the company had to take steps to secure systems in accordance with the IEC 62443 standard. First and foremost was creating a defense-in-depth strategy, which defends the network in many places so that a single compromise does not expose the entire network. Deploying devices with enhanced security features became the first step to building a secure network. Previously, the company used to deploy unmanaged switches at the field site in order to aggregate the data back to the control center. However, unmanaged switches lack management functions and the security functions required by the industry. Under these circumstances, it is very difficult for operators to monitor the status of the switches at field sites and build the first layer of security for the network. Therefore, Moxa’s recommendation was to upgrade the industrial networks at field sites with industrial managed Ethernet switches because they have enhanced security functions that fully comply with the company’s security policy.

User Authentication

The combination of managed switches and network management software is the ideal solution to provide advanced security features and real-time monitoring while also meeting the EtherNet/IP multicast traffic filtering requirements.

Pro Tips

Deploy industrial managed Ethernet switches that feature enhanced security functions based on the IEC 62443 standard.

Strong Device Security

  • Supports the EtherNet/IP protocol and IGMP snooping to manage multicast traffic and reduce jitter
  • Offers real-time and visualized central network management and the security status can be viewed at a glance
  • Industrial cybersecurity features based on the IEC 62443 standard

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