Indigenous Torpedo Fire Control System

The Torpedo Fire Control System (TFCS) was indigenously developed by Dynalog's defence R&D. The TFCS in entirely consists of DMFC, NSU, TTIB, TFCP and PSCU units. The system feeds Torpedo Firing Parameters to the TTs and conduct of remote Firing of Torpedoes. The system requires 220-290 V DC from Ships main Supply which is converted to the various supplies required by the system for its operation.


  • Compact PCI or VME hardware environments available
  • Backlight waterproof keyboard and trackball
  • Wide range of scalable solutions for interfacing with existing onboard systems through VME I/O boards addition
  • Available for different OS (Windows or Unix)
  • Self diagnosis through BITE capability
  • Long time spare availability through adoption of COTS components
  • Internal heaters against condensation in harsh humid environment
  • Environmental conditions in accordance with naval military standard (MIL-STD)


The TFCS consists for 4 sub systems. The DMFC, TFCP, TTIB & The NSU!

The DMFC stands for Dual Monitor Multi-Function Console. The main functions of DMFC includes awareness of situation around submarine using platform sensors, information exchange and amalgamation of this information into a tactical picture to support recognition of threats and respond to those threats by launching weapons.

The TFCP is the Torpedo Fire Control Panel & it takes information from the the TTIB & NSU, to besides giving data to the DMFC.

The TTIB stands for Torpedo Tube Interface Box & the NSU stands for Network Switching Unit, bot play an important part in the TFCS. Do contact our team in case you have similar requirements either to be tailor made or to be retrofit!

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