3U Storage Server

3U Storage Server

Ultra rugged 3U storage server.

Spartan 3U Storage Server lets customers use standard off-the-shelf server with up to 24TB of storage at extreme environmental conditions. It is powered by high performance dual 10- Core processors, with up to 256GB of internal memory, redundant AC/DC Power supply and dual fiber 10GbE, and it supports customized third party cards or customer’s PCIe cards. The air cooling technique (IP63) allows the use of high -power PCIe cards. Spartan 3U Storage Server can be populated with up to 12 x SSD 2.5- inch drives, ─ of which one is removable and 11 are fixed. Spartan 3U air cooled server is water, sand and dust resistant according to the IP63 standard, and conforms land, sea and avionics safety standards concerning EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility), shock and vibrations. Its operating temperature ranges between -40°C to +60°C, including cold start. Thanks to its unique small form factor design, Spartan server fits into complex and tight spaces.

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