Remotely Operated Vehicle

The ROV is Remotely Operated Vehicle, which is remotely controlled robot used for locating, handling and destroying hazardous objects safely. It is used to detect & recover improvised explosive devices & has a portable X-ray unit to detect the explosive package. The Vehicles can be controlled from a maximum of 500 meter distance. Contact our team for more details on this project!


  • Can Handle Maximum Load of 20 Kg with a reach of 2.5 m
  • Six axis Manipulator Arm with versatile geometry
  • 3 hours endurance with 230V AC based option
  • On-board X-Ray integrated with system
  • Touch screen and joystick based control
  • Multiple Cameras on-board with PTZ & quad vision
  • Stair Climbing Capabilities
  • FO cable 100m
  • RF up to 500m
  • Remote Control Operated
  • Primarily built for IED handling.
  • Multiple Armaments for di_x001F_using IEDs

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