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National boundaries and trade restrictions ceased to exist with Internet as a powerful medium. Recognising the tremendous potential that was being opened up and a thorough understanding of electronic components, Mr. Shivaji Adhalrao (founder and currently CMD of Dynalog Group) set about to realise his dream and vision of global trading with the formation of Dynalog International.

Dynalog International, a Dynalog group company, was born in 1997 to undertake trading and exports of semiconductor devices and other electronic components on a large scale all over the world.


Dynalog International caters to the requirements of customers not only from America, Africa and Asia but also many Indian industries like Indian Space Research Organisation, Atomic Energy and various other Defence R&D Organisations. Dynalog plays an important role when these industries are in need of regular as well as obsolete products.


Dynalog International, even today has excellent warehousing facilities in California (USA), and Mumbai (India).


Dynalog International through its full-fledged offices in US, UK, Singapore and India is in a position to undertake deliveries within four days anywhere in the world. And while the company has achieved significant milestones in its performance globally, it has also been able to source certain key component for Indian establishments. And Mr. Shivaji Adhalrao has the final word on this. “You name the component and it is likely to there on our shelf. If not, we can procure it from anywhere in the world!”


We also take pride in saying that very often we sell devices manufactured in the USA to the US market itself. Many of these may be for maintenance requirements but the fact that their search ends in our warehouse speaks for our strengths.

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Semiconductors Junction Inc. (SJI) was established in the United States of America in 2001. SJI has been visible in major markets such as Europe, Asia and North America. One of the first enterprises of its kind in the West Coast, SJI is a fully owned subsidiary of Dynalog India Limited.

SJI has a focus in import and export on a wholesale scale with markets in the United States, Mexico, South America, Europe and Asia. We have a vast network of reliable overseas contacts, local sourcing, and O.E.M excess inventories that assists us in getting you quality product at reasonable prices. Most products are available to ship to you within one to two business days in the U.S. or within three to five days from overseas. Additionally we have overseas development center focusing on Embedded System Development. We firmly believe that, in addition to technology and profits, we have a debt to pay to our Nation.


For the past two decades, SJI has been dealing in INTEGRATED CIRCUITS, DISCRETE SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICES and DISPLAYS. We specialize in Obsolete, Hard-to-find, MIL and Industrial grade components. We maintain adequate stock of rare and critical components at our operations in the USA, UK, Singapore and India. We supply components at the most competitive rates in the shortest time frame to locations worldwide. Our prompt delivery standards and best prices are our core strengths.

Elmatronic Devices Inc. has a large inventory of products from Harris, Analog Devices, Motorola, IDT, Xilinx, Texas Instruments, National Semiconductors, Maxim, Cypress, Fairchild, Signetics, Linear Tech, MIT, MMI, AMD, Teledyne, Toshiba, Sprague, HP, Intel, Dallas, Datel, Xicor, Zilog, Phillips, GI, Seeq, Siemens, ST Micro, NEC, Ray, RCA, Rockwell, TFK, Thompson, WSI and many other manufacturers.

They offer dependable services and support as they are staffed with highly experienced personnel. Quality Customer Service is our foremost priority. They also offer excellent services in prototype development and manufacturing of embedded systems.


Elmatronic devices is today one of the largest Stockists and Suppliers of Electronic Components and Discrete devices to the Defence Organisation and Electronic Industry for more that 30 years.


They hold large Stocks of IC’s like CMOS, TTL Schottky, Low Power Schottky, Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, RAM’s, ROM’s, EPROM’s, EEPROM’s, PAL’s, GAL’s, FLPA’s, FPLS’s, PEEL’s, EPLD’s, LINEAR DEVICES, DC DC Converters, Fuzzy Logic Devices, LCD’s, Crystal, Crystal Oscillators, Transistors, Diodes etc.


They specialize in Sourcing, MIL-STD 1553 PRODUCTS, MIL Grade, and Industrial Grade Components and Obsolete Parts against specific requirements. They carry huge stock consisting of more that 15000 line items and millions of parts from worlds leading manufacturers lime AMD, Analog Devices, Burr Brown, Catalyst, Crystal Semiconductor, Cypress, Dallas, Elantec, Exel, Fujitsu, GI, Hitachi, Interpoint, Harris/GE/RCA/Intersil, Hyundai, IDT, Inmos, Intel, Seeq, Maxim, MMI, Micron, ILC-DDC, Micro Semi, Mostek, Motorola, Micro Power Systems, NEC, NSC, OKI, Philips, Linear Technology, SGS Thompson, Silicon General, Signetics, Sprague, Texas, Toshiba, Unitrode, Universal Microelectronics Western Digital, Xicor, Zilog and many more.


They guarantee prompt delivery good quality and genuine components at reasonable prices.

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